Eliza Ilyas


Eliza Ilyas

Eliza Ilyas has almost two decades of experience in the UK, UAE, and the wider MENASA region. She possesses a thorough understanding of stakeholder mapping, communications, and message development. Eliza is a public affairs and strategic communications specialist with a background as a reporter for a UK television station that transmits to more than 10 million worldwide viewers.

Eliza has produced strategic content and developed key collaborations and engagement across a multitude of platforms, from the Global War on Terrorism to hand, foot, and mouth disease. She has worked for a leading multinational public relations agency and set up its public affairs practice across the MENASA region. She developed strategy, communications, and planning for the Abu Dhabi tourism and culture authority, where she ran programs to raise awareness with policy makers, influential actors, and multi-lateral organizations. She also handled the regional and international media strategy and planning for the inaugural UAE Pavilion for the Venice Biennale in 2009.

In the UK, Eliza worked for several central government departments and with the Director of Communications for Prime Minister Tony Blair. Eliza holds a law degree and a postgraduate in Mass Communications and splits her time between London and the UAE.

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