Yoana Vassileva

Yoana Vasileva

Yoana Vassileva

Yoana has worked for 8 years in a PR and consultancy company where she has gained experience in the field of strategic planning, corporate PR, realization of communication campaigns, events management, crisis management etc. Yoana was also appointed general manager in our branch public affairs company based in Brussels where she has worked for the representation of the Bulgarian local authorities before the EU institutions. At the same time, she was working on the EU funding opportunities including developing and implementation of projects for our company or our clients, directly financed by the EU institutions.

Previously, Yoana worked for the Ministers of Economy; Transport and Communications; State administration and administrative reform (total number of 6 years). The main responsibilities Yoana had were in the field of the relations with the international institutions and organizations. Yoana prepared the Minister and other members of the Political Cabinets for their participation at events or meetings. In 2008-2009, she was also adviser to the Prime Minister’s Office.

During the years, she participated in several election campaigns – both national elections and for the European Parliament, for two of the leading parties in Bulgaria.

Since November 2015, she has been independent consultant and in the beginning of March she founded her own consultancy company. The scope of work includes EU public affairs and funding, project management, PR, event management, strategic planning and consulting.

The main project she is managing now is the initiative Mayor of Europe – an international competition of local authorities and mayors from all across Europe to be nominated and awarded for best practices in various fields of the local and regional development. She also acts as a local expert of a Brussels consulting company where they organize events in Bulgaria for the public administration under TAIEX programme. The other projects Yoana works for are in the filed of communication campaign, event management, PR.

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